Hiring a Home Care Aide Can Prevent an Unplanned Return to the Hospital

After a person has become hurt from an accident or injury, it is necessary to plan the recovery process. Sometimes, it is a smart idea to consider hiring a home care aide. This person is not a medical nurse, but will come with the training necessary to help get back on the road to recovery. This person will supply help without sacrificing the patient’s independence. This person will provide in home care for an individual who is not capable of performing necessary daily activities. There are many ways that a home care assistant will help to prevent an unnecessary return to the hospital.

Help Around The Home

Elderly Woman and in home care aidThere are many chores that must be completed around the home. Home care provides the necessary help with these activities. For example, an aide may provide an extra set of hands for laundry, meal preparation, or other light housework. This will keep an injured person from over straining and hampering recovery. After an accident or injury, a person may not be able to bend or stand for long periods of time. A home care aide will fill in the void and keep the household running smoothly.

Personal Care Help

When a person leaves the hospital, it is necessary to return home and maintain proper personal care. It may be difficult to enter the bath or properly wash the hair and body. A home care aide will be able to help with showering, dressing, and other grooming needs.

One of the most dangerous spots in the home is the bathroom. On a good day, a person may slip and fall entering the shower or tub. While recovering from an injury, the risks become even higher. The worst part is that if an injury occurs during recovery, it can cause even more damage and set a person more behind with healing. Having an aide around will prevent this type of damage and may offer help getting clean. This person will assure proper hygiene that will prevent infections as well. An aide will be able to change bandages and take care of wounds that are hard to keep clean without help.


A home care aide may also provide mobility that becomes hampered during the recovery period. Depending on the injury, it may become nearly impossible to get behind the wheel of a car and drive. A home care aide will be available to help a patient attend doctor’s appointments. This professional may also be able to perform errands and shop for necessities that are difficult to obtain when a person is not in top shape. This will prevent a patient from becoming hurt and causing damage to the body that would lead to a trip back to the hospital.


After an accident, a person is likely to become depressed. Both physical and emotional pain must be addressed during recovery. A home care aide will be able to ease these tensions and increase a patient’s quality of life during this rough patch. The company at this time will boost self esteem and keep the mind busy and off recovery. Being trapped at home can also get lonely, so the companionship will be warmly welcomed. In the end, it will help to speed the healing process.

Respite Care

Respite care is always a welcome for the family members who dedicate a great deal of time helping a loved one overcome an injury or other health condition. It can lower family stress and provide greater strength for the family to give top quality care to a loved one in need. It provides a chance for a caregiver to take personal time to recharge as well. Also, it gives a patient the time to recover at home instead of in a public facility.

Hiring a home care assistant after a person leaves the hospital will encourage a proper recovery and prevent further injury. This professional will provide non-medical care that will help a person get through the day much easier. It is a better alternative to spending time in a nursing home during the recovery period. In the end, a home care aide will provide help around the house, hygiene needs, mobility, and companionship to ensure fast and healthy healing.

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