Getting Home Care for South Florida Seniors

As one grows older, a great and legitimate fear is being shipped off to a nursing home, and this happens for a few reasons. The primary reason however is that the individual in question is no longer able to care for themselves due to their ailing health or perhaps even a developed inability to perceive reality in the way the rest of us do. No matter what the problem is however, there is usually a way to ensure that the elder individual is able to remain at home with supervision so long as certain conditions are met.

Outfitting the Home

Miami seniorThe first thing you will need to do as far as home care for South Florida seniors is concerned, make sure the home is properly outfitted with certain amenities. For example, hand rails on the toilet and bath tub to ensure that they can lift themselves. In addition to that, a shower chair should be installed to guarantee they do not slip on the tub floor. At that age, it becomes far too easy for a senior citizen to lose their balance, and a shower chair will actually serve to keep them off their feet and reduce the risk.

There are many other solutions you can implement in the home to ensure that your loved one does not fall and hurt themselves, and also solutions that will serve to make their life a bit easier. This, however, is only the first step.

Home Care

There are services that will be able to care for your loved one while you cannot, which is very helpful if you cannot keep an eye on them 24/7. This does not mean that they will need a nurse on hand at all times, but sometimes it helps to have someone check in at least twice per day. Such services can provide them with their medicine, and even ensure they are eating properly.

There are plenty of solutions regarding home care for South Florida seniors. Everyone gets old at some point, but it does not have to mean the end of life. Start looking into it today and take advantage of it tomorrow.

Employ Trustworthy Aides From Reputable Home Care Companies

Unlike some providers of home care aides, legitimate agencies and registries generally have well-trained professional staff. Experienced aides from these home care services are skilled in assisting the elderly with daily living activities, such as getting dressed, grooming, and toileting. These services are imperative for seniors, especially those who suffer from specific age-related conditions like dementia and Parkinson’s disease. Only aides who have earned certification are trusted to care for the clients.

Facing the Challenge

Presently, the Population Reference Bureau (PRB) statistics show that nearly 40 million United States citizens are seniors 65 years or older. Reputable home care registries are very much in demand as this number is rising each year. It is expected that by 2050, there will be 89 million seniors. Because the elderly usually have unique medical and home care requirements, this presents a challenge. Countless people choose to place aging family members in nursing facilities. However, there are many drawbacks to that and many benefits to hiring an aide from a respected home care registry to care for loved ones in their own homes.

Supportive Coverage

Just like everyone else, a home care aide is human. They can get sick the same as anyone and this can happen without any warning. There also will be times that aides need to take time off due to personal issues. Considering these factors, the ease of hiring nursing aides from home care companies can be of great value to ones who have aging relatives that need continuing care. As an example, when a caregiver cannot come to work, it is easy to request a substitute home care aide. This means elderly loved ones always have a dependable aide anytime one is needed. With a reputable home care agency, it is certain that a qualified aide is always available.

Background Checks for Staff

All home care registries put their candidates through a background check to ensure they do not employ criminals. They do not hire everyone who walks in the door looking for a job. This ensures clients that no one is hired that has a criminal record. Families can carry on with their jobs and know that their elderly loved one is safe and being taken care of by a skilled, trustworthy aide. Not only is a background check run on applicants, but home care agencies probe deep into potential aides’ past work experiences to decide if they have the qualifications to be a home care aide. They also look for a commitment to assist seniors, along with the personality traits needed to interact with the elderly. The same level of diligence is not present when opting to employ a home health aide from unpredictable private resources.

Improved Health Care for the Elderly

Smiling elderly woman Many people think that residential or hospital care is the single solution for elderly people. This notion does not always consider the comfort of these people in such environments. No matter if the elderly person has a chronic illness or is in good health, studies show that qualified home care agencies can work wonders. As an example, a study that was published in Internal Medicine Archives proves that home care is a more practical option than hospital care for seniors with chronic heart failure. An additional study done by the Senior Care network, Home Instead, discovered that employing a home care agency improves the quality of life for elders. The participants of the study that received home based care had reports of decreased visits to the doctor.

When getting older the body is more susceptible to diseases and conditions including arthritis, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and vision problems. Elderly people usually require more care and observation. Hiring an aide from a professional home care service is a good choice. It has many advantages, including home care professionals and personnel who can be a back up as needed. With trusted home care aides comes a more comfortable life with improved health for a loved one. Everyone appreciates the comfort of being able to live at home and a  home care registry can provide the care to make this possible.

Home Care Resources In South Florida:

Home Care: An Excellent Alternative to a Nursing Home

Home care is the ideal solution if your elderly parent needs special care but refuses to give up his/her home for a life in a nursing home.

Home care aides will help the individual handle their regular activities. Your elderly parent may need help to visit the toilet, take a bath and get dressed. A trained nursing care aide can help a senior complete activities that were once second nature, but now seem overwhelming.

Elderly woman with flowersBut those aren’t the only ways that an aide can help. Many professional caregivers will also help with keeping the senior’s residence clean by handling tasks such as sweeping, dusting, mopping and doing the laundry. Assisting with things such as shopping trips or traveling to meet with friends or other appointments can be included in the list of job duties for the aide.

If your loved one has any unique dietary needs, the home care agency can find an aide that’s qualified to prepare these meals. Any doctor’s orders regarding meals will be followed and the aide will also serve the meal.

But the senior parent needs more than someone to chauffeur them around, clean their house and dress them. The availability of another human being to talk to can make all the difference in the individual’s health, both mental and physical. The elderly person can gain so much from the aide’s act of just listening and responding in a caring way. Promoting the simple act of human interaction is most likely the most useful thing you can do for your senior relative.

While the aide converses with the patient, they can also monitor their condition and daily activity, and make notes regarding same. These records are instrumental in the senior’s treatment and can be a great reassurance to their worrying children. The caregiver can report any changes in the senior’s activity to the physicians and relatives immediately.

By law, the home care aide is barred from engaging in any services that could be described as ‘skilled nursing’. If your parent is in critical condition and needs skilled medical help at their residence, you should look into registered nurses and other medical providers. Conversely, if your parent is not afflicted with such an extremely serious condition, the aide’s assistance with companionship, medication and meal timing, and other activities can surely be a boon.

Assisting the elderly in maintaining some freedom while dealing with their physical condition is what home care agencies do. Today, more seniors than ever before are choosing to live on their own, away from their children and families. The right care, in their own home, makes this dream a reality.

Life threatening diseases excepted, your senior relative should be able to remain out of a skilled nursing facility and maintain their preferred way of life in their own home by utilizing home care.

Any home care aides secured via an agency will be duly licensed, accountable, and received all required training. Any qualms you might feel when trusting the care of your senior parent to someone possibly located many miles away can be assuaged when you know they’re fully qualified and properly trained. Even though you can’t be there on a regular basis, you can breath a sigh of relief that they’re being well taken care of.

Selecting an individual to provide home health care begins with an evaluation of three things: your parent’s individual needs, their state of health, and their life circumstances. Services are tailored if the senior suffers from diabetes or incontinence. Visiting the agency personally is a good idea if possible.

Calling to set up a visit with the agency is a great idea. Then you can proceed with full confidence to select the right aide for you and your parent. At this time of their life, could you give them any greater gift than this?

In the Miami-Dade area, contact Miami Home Care Services at (305) 534-5055 to find trained, screened and compasionate home care aides for your elderly parent or loved one.