Employ Trustworthy Aides From Reputable Home Care Companies

Unlike some providers of home care aides, legitimate agencies and registries generally have well-trained professional staff. Experienced aides from these home care services are skilled in assisting the elderly with daily living activities, such as getting dressed, grooming, and toileting. These services are imperative for seniors, especially those who suffer from specific age-related conditions like dementia and Parkinson’s disease. Only aides who have earned certification are trusted to care for the clients.

Facing the Challenge

Presently, the Population Reference Bureau (PRB) statistics show that nearly 40 million United States citizens are seniors 65 years or older. Reputable home care registries are very much in demand as this number is rising each year. It is expected that by 2050, there will be 89 million seniors. Because the elderly usually have unique medical and home care requirements, this presents a challenge. Countless people choose to place aging family members in nursing facilities. However, there are many drawbacks to that and many benefits to hiring an aide from a respected home care registry to care for loved ones in their own homes.

Supportive Coverage

Just like everyone else, a home care aide is human. They can get sick the same as anyone and this can happen without any warning. There also will be times that aides need to take time off due to personal issues. Considering these factors, the ease of hiring nursing aides from home care companies can be of great value to ones who have aging relatives that need continuing care. As an example, when a caregiver cannot come to work, it is easy to request a substitute home care aide. This means elderly loved ones always have a dependable aide anytime one is needed. With a reputable home care agency, it is certain that a qualified aide is always available.

Background Checks for Staff

All home care registries put their candidates through a background check to ensure they do not employ criminals. They do not hire everyone who walks in the door looking for a job. This ensures clients that no one is hired that has a criminal record. Families can carry on with their jobs and know that their elderly loved one is safe and being taken care of by a skilled, trustworthy aide. Not only is a background check run on applicants, but home care agencies probe deep into potential aides’ past work experiences to decide if they have the qualifications to be a home care aide. They also look for a commitment to assist seniors, along with the personality traits needed to interact with the elderly. The same level of diligence is not present when opting to employ a home health aide from unpredictable private resources.

Improved Health Care for the Elderly

Smiling elderly woman Many people think that residential or hospital care is the single solution for elderly people. This notion does not always consider the comfort of these people in such environments. No matter if the elderly person has a chronic illness or is in good health, studies show that qualified home care agencies can work wonders. As an example, a study that was published in Internal Medicine Archives proves that home care is a more practical option than hospital care for seniors with chronic heart failure. An additional study done by the Senior Care network, Home Instead, discovered that employing a home care agency improves the quality of life for elders. The participants of the study that received home based care had reports of decreased visits to the doctor.

When getting older the body is more susceptible to diseases and conditions including arthritis, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and vision problems. Elderly people usually require more care and observation. Hiring an aide from a professional home care service is a good choice. It has many advantages, including home care professionals and personnel who can be a back up as needed. With trusted home care aides comes a more comfortable life with improved health for a loved one. Everyone appreciates the comfort of being able to live at home and a  home care registry can provide the care to make this possible.

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What You Should Know About Home Care

Aside from raising your own family and achieving different milestones in your career, one of your many responsibilities as an adult also includes taking care of your own parents. A lot of elderly folks nowadays prefer living independently on in order for them to feel more productive even as they age. While there are families who feel the need to send their elderly parents to assisted living facilities, more and more people are now considering hiring a home care aide for their senior parents.

Why go for the home care arrangement?

When it comes to aging, most adults who enter the senior stage in life are very particular about staying productive and independent. It is not about being stubborn, rather, it is about being able to stay fully functional and productive even as they grow older. This is why, instead of sending your parents to a nursing home, you should consider hiring a home care aide instead.

Senior Enjoying Garden with AideHiring a home care aide would mean that you can get to spend time with your elderly parents without having to travel far. Most elderly adults would also feel most comfortable if they can spend their elderly years right in the place that they call home. It will give them a sense of belongingness and it allows them to feel safe knowing that they are just right at home. With an aide that you can rely on to take care of your parents, you do not have to worry about caring for them especially during times when you are too caught up with work as well as your own obligations for your family. You will always have that peace of mind in knowing that your parents are in great hands and that they always have someone to attend to their daily needs.

The home care arrangement is also a lot more affordable as compared to sending your parents to live in assisted living institutions. Depending on what kind of care you would need for your parents, the cost would go higher the longer you would require the aide to stay in your parent’s home. If your parents need constant monitoring especially for their medical needs, you will need a stay-in aide. Otherwise, if they are still in tip-top shape then you can hire an aide that can stay during the day only.

What exactly does a home care aid do?

A home care aide does not have to be trained as a nurse nor does she need a medical background. Although it is definitely a plus, most aides are simply tasked to assist the elderly in their day-to-day functioning. Some of their basic duties include the following:

– Cooking and preparing meals
– Doing the laundry
– Assisting in transportation or in going to and from different places
– Assistance in going to the toilet
– Help in lifting heavy objects
– Helping in medications
– Shopping for groceries and other items for the home
– Running important errands

The best thing about having hiring home care aides is that they give your elderly parents that feeling of being independent. The aide is simply there to assist and to provide help in times of need. With most other tasks however, your parents can exert their independence so that they can still do whatever they want without someone hovering over them all the time. The aide can also provide a feeling of safety and well being for your parents. They will feel safe knowing that they can always count on somebody to be there for them especially during emergency situations.

What type of training do home care aides receive?

Many agencies that provide home care aides do not require applicants to have a medical background nor previous experience in order to land a job. Most agencies however, offer training to applicants before they are deployed to homes.  They are given basic first aid training as well as guidelines for etiquette and behavior so that they are properly trained to give your elderly parents the best type of care that they need. Boca Home Care Services, which matches seniors in Boca Raton and the surrounding cities with screened (full background check), certified, and fully trained home care aides and nursing assistants.

If you prefer not to go through an agency, you can always find home care aides through your own network. The most important thing to make sure of is that you trust your aide and that your parents feel comfortable having them around. Before hiring an aide, make sure that you know your parent’s needs especially if they have medical requirements. Take time to interview as many aides as you can before hiring one. Legitimate companies like Boca Home Care Services offers free in home consultations where a geriatric manager can become familiar with the specific needs of your elderly loved one and you can ask all the questions you may have. Once you have hired one, also make sure to set ground rules and set expectations before he or she starts staying with your parents.